Activity evening: Lady Chastity’s Reserve

London is widely agreed to be one of the greatest and most exciting cities in the world, and I’m inclined to agree, yet sometimes I feel like I don’t make the most of it. I spend evening after evening in my flat, or in a bar or restaurant, but rarely venture out into doing anything else. As a result, I decided to steal an idea I heard and start an ‘Activity evening’ with my friends from work.

Essentially, once a month one of the group will arrange a, you guessed it, activity for the others. The appeal of this was partly that I was fed up of feeling like the group social sec (and secretly concerned that I was dragging my friends to things they don’t really want to go to), but also because, since it’s a different person arranging it each month, it basically ensures that we’ll do a range of things. And each month, I have decided to write about it.

So, January (yes, I’m late on this). My friend booked Lady Chastity’s Reserve, an escape room-style game, based in the Four Thieves pub near Clapham Junction. I say ‘escape room-style’ because although you are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles, the aim is not to get out of the room, but instead you have an hour to get your hands on some wine. Which was great as I’m perfectly happy to be stuck in a room as long as there’s wine.

Lady Chastity’s Reserve claims to be (that buzzword) ‘immersive’. Now I’m a big fan of anything immersive, but only when it’s done well. Basically when it’s not half-arsed (and there’s a lot of that about). But I would say that Lady Chastity’s Reserve actually does a pretty good job of it. The room is set up well, and you are greeted and introduced to Lady Chastity’s story by a character called Gabriel, who is also there to help should you require it.

I won’t give too much away, but it was really fun and well put together, although I do wonder if it is possible to solve some of the puzzles without help from Gabriel or waiting to hear additional clues from Lady Chastity herself, which you may not get to hear in time. But we succeeded in the end with only seconds to spare.

In all, it was a much more exciting Thursday than usual, and winning the wine was a great bonus. I’d really recommend it as something to do that is a little different. It is also worth noting that the Four Thieves has 2 rooms for this, we split into groups and used both rooms, and from discussions the rooms were at least slightly different.

Name: Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Location: Four Thieves pub, Clapham Junction

Price: £22pp


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